Found in the most remote location at Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, Pelican Point Lodge truly is a destination on its own. The former harbour control building was elegantly transformed into a boutique hotel, a lodge comprising 10 contemporary and individually decorated Suites, including the unique Captain’s Cove, a spacious Penthouse Suite that offers 360-degree views of the Pelican Point Peninsula. A stay at Pelican Point Lodge can be as relaxing and soul-enriching as one likes or be an active and adventurous holiday – and often a bit of both. A myriad of activities is on offer, giving guests the opportunity to experience closeness to nature, the exclusive remoteness of Pelican Point Lodge and various activities reaching across the Pelican Point Peninsula and beyond.

Pelican Point Lodge is situated on a unique stretch of land, the remote peninsula of Pelican Point at Walvis Bay, a committed venue to creating memories for all our guests that will last a lifetime. With the untouched beaches of the Atlantic Ocean on the one side and the Lagoon of Walvis Bay on the other, our aim is to provide you with a unique experience that demands nothing much of you but to arrive, relax, reflect and unwind in one of the most enchanting and unique settings in our beautiful country.

“Waking up to the sound of the ocean and spotting the seals which are playing in the crashing waves, while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee – luxury doesn’t get any better than this.”


From your own private deck, expect to enjoy the antics of hundreds of seals surfing the ocean waves, or just basking in the sun, spot the dolphins, and whales, hear the distinctive call of the jackal roaming close by the lodge, observe their playful nature. Witness spectacular flocks of Damara-terns, cormorants and flamingos flying or feeding in the more tranquil waters of the lagoon. Follow fishing vessels, and catamarans, to and from the Walvis Bay harbour presenting perfect photo opportunities on both misty and sunny days.

Family Suites

Spacious enough to accommodate two adults and two children, the Ocean & Oyster Suites are Family Suites, located on the ground floor with direct access to the beach. The suites are suitable for up to two adults and two children and have direct beach access.

Deluxe Suites

Three of the Deluxe Suites are located on the ground floor whereby four more Deluxe Suites fill the second floor of the building. The suites are perfect for couples and feature a bio-eco fireplace. The ground floor suites all have direct beach access.

Captain’s Cove Suite

The entire 3rd floor – which is also the former control tower – is occupied by the Captain’s Cove, the Penthouse Suite offering 360-degree views of the Pelican Point Peninsula, over the bay on the one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other side.


For closer encounters, a relaxing stroll to the point of the Peninsula will present you with perfect photographic opportunities of an intriguing small desert dweller. A favourite is a walk to the old rusted Jetty, about 800 meters from the Lodge, with a book, camera, and picnic basket, interacting and observing the playful seals and birdlife from close. On a clear sunny day, the dunes of the Namib Desert will give you a perfect backdrop creating memories of this unique place.

Land Experiences

Ocean Experiences

Culinary Experiences

Guest Reviews

"kayaking with thousands of cape fur seals" - D&I

Dani and I were met At Walvis Airport 3 mins early by the Lodge’s guide for our transfer to Pelican Point. The guide was most informative on the scenic hours transfer to the Lodge. 
We were enthusiastically met by Tanya the Lodge Manageress and shown to our accommodation which wanted for nothing. The view out to the massive crashing waves to the West and the serene bay and barking seals to the East in the Walvis Bay, dotted with ships of all shapes and sizes. The setting was sublime!!

After settling in and a walk to see the ocean and a few seal colonies, we joined our gracious and hospitable hostess for sundowners enjoyed from the excellent collection of wines and spirits. Our dinner was served to perfection by our experienced chef served and charming waiters. The meal had numerous options of seafood and beef. It lived up to its advertised gourmet description.

Falling asleep to the sound of our bleating seals below an almost full moon accompanied by the triple flash of our sentinel lighthouse was sheer bliss.

The lodge consists of five ground floor rooms plus four more deluxe rooms on the second floor. Topped by the unique Captains Cove on the top of the building which offers the occupants a 360 degree view, elevated bath, shower etc. The rooms and dinning area have biofuel fires each evening, adding to the warm ambiance of the entire lodge.

We were up at dawn to walk and explore followed by the highlight of our trip to date: kayaking with thousands of cape fur seals. Ably led by our kayak guide who was most knowledgeable and enthusiastic and an absolute pleasure to be with.

The afternoon was enjoyed by a long walk on both sides of the Peninsula to experience their diverse personalities. Followed by sundowners and another excellent meal. The following morning we launched the kayaks at dawn to paddle into the riding sun amidst thousands of bleating seals. What an incredible experience!!

Sadly our time at Pelican Point Lodge came to an end and we bade farewell to our wonderful staff who had become family in such a short time. The guide arrived on time to take us back to Walvis Bay for our onward travels. The setting of this Lodge is not only quite unique but the environment in which it is situated is heaving with bird and mammal life from the resident black backed jackals to thousands of seals, flamingos, gulls, and pelicans. The isolation of the Lodge is another major draw card. The meals, diverse and top class. The wine list seriously impressive! The kayaks, paddles, and life jackets all in excellent condition. The highlight of the Lodge was the staff and especially the Captain, the most able, congenial and professional Tanya!!

You have an incredible property here Dirk and a wonderful base to do all the numerous Walvis/Swakop excursions.

"Definitely Unique and Fun" - TravelsWithStephen

I enjoy places a bit different and off the beaten track, and Pelican Point Lodge checks both those boxes, Plus, the owner, whom I had the pleasure of spending time with, is a gracious and accommodating host. Lovely accommodations, wonderful meals, a very pleasant staff, and a fabulous location. I’d definitely go back, and would happily recommend Pelican Point Lodge to my adventurous friends. Loved it!

"Unique! 100% value for money. Must stay here!" - Nane

If you are planning on spending a few nights in Swakopmund or Walvis Bay… think again! This beautiful area is just nearby and offers a unique location. The owner is very warm and passionate about the lodge, and everything has a story behind it. The experience begins with the drive to the lodge; they don’t allow self-driving anymore since a few months now, due to the fact that people got stuck on the sandy road towards the lodge very easily. So, a guide picks you up for an arrival nature drive to the lodge… you will see wild seals, pelicans, jackals… in an amazing setting. Once you arrive in the beautiful location, you will be amazed by the beautiful decoration that the hotel boasts. The location is very remote – allowing you to fully de-connect from your busy life and reconnect to the beautiful surroundings directly around you. That being said, they also probably have the fastest Wi-Fi in Namibia. The rooms are beautiful too, and obviously have the most amazing views. The seafood the restaurant offers is probably some of the best you will have in your life. The activities at PPL are one of a kind: kayaking between the seals, day-trips to the beautiful Sandwich Harbour… anything is possible. Staff is very friendly and will cater to your needs to the best of their ability. Yet, your visit does not end when you check-out at reception. You are taken back to Walvis Bay with a boat – floating between the dolphins, seals, pelicans, seagulls… it was unlike any departure I’ve experienced before. A seal hopped onto our boat and the staff gave us fish to feed him. Very funny, but also something I will never forget. To finish it off, they serve you a lovely seafood platter to say their last goodbyes. The concept is incredibly well-thought out. Special thanks to Dirk and John, who made our stay even more pleasant. All the best for the future and keep up the amazing work!

"Unique on the planet" - N. Canter

Surrounded by seal colonies and the beautiful southern Atlantic – simply the drive to this hotel was memorable. We hesitated to spend the rates they charge but in retrospect was well worth it and a highlight of a 3-week trip to Namibia. The location is unique and the top level of service provided in such a location/environment is amazing

"Amazing location and felt like being in a novel" - Marina

We spent 3 days at Pelican Point Lodge. It was our first trip in a long time and it was so good to finally travel again. We chose this place for its location and setting as we are very corona-conscious and did not want to book a big place. I think we could not have chosen better! Apart from two couples, we were the only guests at the time and enjoyed the feeling of exclusivity. The kids loved the excursions on the peninsula, especially the seals. The food was outstanding, the service very good and the staff were friendly and kind. We felt safe although the lodge is very much exposed to nature – finally, we managed to get our kids off their electronic devices! The rooms are rather simple but cosy and we even had a gas fireplace in our room which really helped as some nights were quite cold. Travelling to Namibia from South Africa was easy and smoother than what we had expected. It was not a cheap holiday but certainly a fantastic experience which we should have done a lot sooner!

"Amazing!" - Alena

This unique hotel is an opportunity to be alone with wild nature. Remains of rusty ships, hundreds of seals, pelicans, flamingos and you. We stayed on the top floor of the penthouse – an amazing room. We watched the sunrise and sunset through panoramic windows with a glass of champagne. Amazing! Many thanks to Keith for taking care of us, warm welcome and organization of excursions. My compliments to the chef of the restaurant (very good food). I recommend this hotel to everyone, it’s better to see once than hear 10 times

"Come up to my lighthouse, I’ve got something I need to say - Pulp, 1980s" - Charlie

I guess you need to be a certain type of thinker to see the commercial opportunity in turning the disused lookout facilities of a now-automated lighthouse into a luxury hotel. Fortunately, these people still exist. I have stayed in some pretty remote places but this probably edges it. Leave the town of Walvis Bay, take a right after the largest solar salt pans in Africa (they keep our UK roads gritted in winter) and keep going….and keep going. The lighthouse, previously in Hamburg and Durban before here will eventually loom out of the ocean mist. It was once at the end of this 20km peninsula but Mother Nature is now adding 20 metres a year onto it. That is ocean power! – and don’t swim on the ocean side, swim in the calmer lagoon side. You will share that with 160,000 seals! The importance of sustainability hits home when you are requested to catch the cold water from your shower getting to temperature so they can use it again to clean your room with. ( why aren’t I saving water like this at home?). This unique hotel is incredible. Keith, Santos, Trevor and the team deliver the highest possible standards with their gentle Namibian manner. The food, and remember everything has arrived here the same way as you have, or by boat, is incredible. Watch the ocean, watch the jackals roaming around, get closer to seals than you can get probably anywhere other than the Galapagos. This is THE place to stay in Walvis Bay. Don’t miss it. From here Kayak with the seals, do a dune Safari and return to Walvis Bay by boat to have an up close and personal Pelican experience!!

"Very pleasant stay" - Paul

The experience and location of the lodge warrants a 5/5. It’s a bit of a trek along the beach to get to but en route is seals and flamingos as far as the eye can see. Staff are friendly, humble and very professional. Dinner and breakfast were very enjoyable. The rooms are lovely and understated. The overnight and daytime power outages were not a problem for us and were easy to work around. One small detail, if you are in the Pelican and Seal Suites which are next to each other on the second floor and you are not next to friends or family, as we fortunately were, you will hear absolutely everything. I could speak to my sons from my room. There is a long thin gap between the wall and the window which one can also see through. Thank you to everyone and especially to Keith and John for organising everything so well for us.

"A wonderful haven" - KG

Simply superb…the location is stunning, the food and drink great and the hospitality very warm and welcoming. The journey out to the lodge is magical too. An indulgent few days in glorious weather – a perfect start to our holiday. Thank you